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Angela White

2019 Empire Pornstar

of the Year

Adult Empire Pornstar of the Year is an annual prize reserved for the pornstar who most shaped the world of porn in a given year. We’re crowning Angela White for the second straight time! She has shown the ability to expand her sexual horizons in a way that represents superior, thoughtful adult entertainment at its very best.

Read our exclusive Q&A detailing Angela’s reaction to the win as well as some of her plans for 2020.

What is your reaction to being named the 2019 Empire Pornstar of the Year?

It’s an incredible honor and I’m so thankful. I am so grateful for this amazing trophy. Thank you so much to the entire team at Adult Empire. I love working with you and I love working with your platform. I’d like to thank all of the amazing and talented performers and directors that I got to work with this year, because without being able to work with those amazing people, I wouldn’t get this kind of recognition. It’s their hard work and dedication that helps me to grow as a performer and director.

Your continued popularity is amazing! Do you ever tire of being at the top?

I’m very, very grateful for the success that I’ve had. And I’m very fortunate that I’ve been able to shoot with some incredible performers and directors this year and throughout my career. So I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m tired of where I am in the industry. I’m very grateful. I’m very excited to still be shooting so much and to be shooting such incredible content.

How do you account for your amazing streak at number one on the Adult Empire pornstar charts?

It’s very exciting. And I think that it’s a testament to how incredible my fans are. A lot of people are worried about the fact that because there is so much free porn on the internet that fans are not willing to pay for porn. And it’s simply not true. I’ll do a shout-out to my fans right now to say thank you so much for supporting me and for buying my movies and for watching my scenes. It’s really incredible.

If and when your streak ends, is there anyone you would prefer to lose to?

Not really! I’d never even thought about that! I hope that it’s one of my friends.

Give us your impressions of the three other Pornstar of the Year finalists (Autumn Falls, Aubrey Kate, and Maitland Ward).

I absolutely loved my experience shooting with [Maitland on Drive]. She’s a joy to be on set with, to act with, to just be around. The thing that really struck me about Maitland: clearly, she’s gorgeous; clearly, she’s a great actor; [and] she’s just such a nice person, just a lovely, lovely woman. I did an incredible scene with [Aubrey] for Jonni Darkko’s first trans movie, Trans Glam. That was my first trans anal scene. It was incredible because it was so different to what I’d done with my first trans scene, with Chanel Santini. Aubrey was incredible in that. I worked with [Autumn] in this reverse gangbang in Drive. I also had her in my big Jules Jordan showcase, Angela White: Dark Side. We did this crazy oil threesome with Markus Dupree. It was an oil/squirt scene so we were so messy by the end, just drenched in squirt and spit and oil. She squirted like a geyser. It was incredible to watch.

Are there any particular American customs you’ve grown to love (or dislike)?

In terms of American customs, there are ones that I’ve really gotten into. Thanksgiving – I really enjoy getting together with the industry and eating good food. That’s been fun, because obviously we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia. The pumpkin-spice thing is interesting! We don’t really do that in Australia! I haven’t quite gotten into that.

What motivates you?

I’m consciously trying to grow, as a person, as a performer, as a director. That’s my aim, not just every year but every day. Every day I want to do better. I want to learn more. I want to do different things. I want to challenge myself. And that’s the attitude I go into every day, every scene, every movie, every year. That’s what I want to accomplish. So it’s not “what can I do to reshape the industry,” [but] it’s great if I can have a positive impact. I take pride when I can have a positive impact on the industry, even just on the performers I’m working with, because they certainly have a positive influence and impact on my life. I just always want to grow, and you can see that in the big movies that I shot this year.

Do you ever worry about overexposure?

Never, because I feel like with sexuality, there’s so much to explore. This journey isn’t about other people. It’s about me. It’s about my sexual exploration. I’m very grateful that people want to be a part of it and I can share it with the world. But I feel like when I do things that I’m passionate about, it resonates onscreen. People can see that I’m enjoying myself. And people like to watch that. Nobody seems to be getting tired of it!

What are your goals for 2020?

My goals remain the same. It’s always to grow each and every day, to challenge myself, to do different things, and to remain true to myself. And that means continuing to do things I’m passionate about. It means being part of projects that I believe in and trying to support the other people in the industry that I work with, that I love, that I care about. So I’m not changing my goals. I’ll be doing different things, but they’ll all be in the same vein of trying to grow as a performer, trying to grow as an actor, as a director.

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