Magic Wand

Celebrating 50 Years!

Some people call it the “Magic Wand” and others refer to it simply as the “Hitachi.” Can you tell us how the toy got its name, and how the name has evolved over the years?

Hitachi (the manufacturer) named the unit 50 years ago, in April of 1968, as the Magic Wand®. The evolution in packaging has had a great influence in the manner in which consumers referenced the unit; in its early stages “Hitachi Massager” was very prominent. As packaging was updated in the 70’s and 80’s the font color on the packaging was white with the larger font size of the term “Magic Wand®” making it the more prominent visual. In the 90’s the most recognizable packaging of the Magic Wand® was introduced, with its white box, blue trim and blue accents and with term “Hitachi” in bold read lettering, being red it was the most eye catching lettering against the white box, so consumers quickly referenced the unit as the “Hitachi”

In 2013 in partnership with Hitachi, Vibratex wanted to refresh the image and brand message of the Magic Wand® and at this time it was rebranded as the brand was strong enough to stand along without their Hitachi brand name on the packaging and the updated packaging was released.

What is the most memorable quote you've heard said about someone's magic wand experience?

That is incredibly hard to answer; I feel like each testimonial is memorable but the one that sticks out the most currently is: “…the power of the Magic Wand® is orgasmically life changing…”

The most iconic quote has been the reference of noting “...the Magic Wand® the Cadillac of vibrators…”

Any chance of a waterproof version in the future or what is the magic wands future looking like in general?

Vibratex is working with Hitachi on some future projects, as their North American Import Agent we are excited about the items they are developing and have no doubt that our retailers and consumers will be thrilled when they become available.

Do you know of anyone famous who has expressed love for the magic wand?

The most recent celebrity to reach out directly to Vibratex was Nikki Glaser, TV show personality and comedian. She is a personal fan of the Magic Wand® and wanted to create a feature for her TV show. Although I’m sure many more celebrities have a Magic Wand® bedside.

Women love this thing, but for men, how do you promote the magic wand?

We have an amazing network of retailers; recently many of them are communicating with consumers the benefits of the powerful vibrations offered by the Magic Wand® for male stimulation. There exist several attachments that can be used for male masturbation and attachments that can be used for prostate stimulation. In a partner situation, the vibrations of the Magic Wand® are strong enough for both partners to be stimulated.

The Magic Wand shows up in a lot in porn movies. How do you feel about that, and do any movies in particular stand out as the most memorable cameos by the Magic Wand?

It speaks loudly to the power and reputation of the Magic Wand® in delivering the continuous mind blowing pleasure. For the directors, actresses, actors and the ever growing cam community having the confidence in the Magic Wand® we believe it an honor to be featured in so many titles and cam sessions.

Sex toys have become more mainstream in the last several years. Do you think the popularity of the Magic Wand has been part of that?

No other vibrator has captured mainstream imagination as the Magic Wand®. We believe that the Magic Wand® has always been accepted in mainstream settings, introduced as a body massager (its actual intended purpose) the Magic Wand® became the most recognizable and iconic sex toy in existence, without being introduced as a sex toy. It was recognized as one of Time Magazine’s most influential Gadgets of all time, #10 on the list of 50 items, counting down from 50. We greatly believe the Magic Wand® will forever occupy a special place both in the history of female sexuality and consumer electronics.

What design changes have been made to the Magic Wand over the years?

Through all the technological advances in sex toys, the Magic Wand® has virtually remained unchanged. Its iconic shape was introduced in the 70’s and since then its only changes have been minor changes in color themes. In 2013, the Magic Wand® underwent some upgrades that included additional internal ribbing for a more robust handle, an upgrade to the internal circuity that included a update to the outdated resistor system to circuit board, a new switch for a smoother transition between speeds and a head made of resin to allow for tighter tolerances within the head, with these changes Hitachi further reduced the minimal failure rate and increased the longevity of the units.

In 2015, the Magic Wand® Rechargeable was introduced, which featured the first rechargeable unit in the Magic Wand® family with a plug-and-play feature, an immediate on and off button, 4 powerful intensities and 4 powerful vibration settings with a silicone head, keeping the iconic and recognizable shape.

The Magic Wand is sometimes euphemistically called a “massager.” How do you think the Magic Wand rates as a pure massager, as opposed to sex toy?

Wait, the Magic Wand® is not only a sex toy, but a massager too? To clear the air, the Magic Wand® was truly introduced as a body massager and works amazing as one. In fact, the Magic Wand® isn’t just found in our local adult stores, but also found in many chiropractor offices and sports medicine rehab facilities.

Do you ever worry that the creation of the Magic Wand has set in motion an evolutionary process that will eventually make men obsolete? (We’re only half joking!)

Not at all, Magic Wands can’t change light bulbs! (Insert comical drum roll and symbol slap here) The connection between individuals can never be replaced by objects and we here at Vibratex fully encourage the awaking of new sensations and encourage all partners to go out and test out a Magic Wand® for themselves.